Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameA. Kellett
Course(s) TaughtMedical Skills (A)
Period Taught1st & 3rd
B. Meadows
Health Science A&P
Health Science Foundations
Allied Healthcare Assisting 3
Executive Internship
1st & 2nd
3rd & 5th
M. Jenkins
Biology Honors
1st, 5th, & 7th
N. Faria
Chemistry Honors
AP Chemistry
5th & 7th
P. Gerbes
AP Biology
1st & 2nd
P. Hicks
English 3 Honors
D. Moeller
English 4 Honors

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Mission Statement:

The Deltona High School Health Services Academy emphasizes a rigorous academic program with relevant preparation for a future career in the healthcare profession by providing challenging educational experiences in a caring environment.

From 3-3-17 Facilitator Meeting

*Please upload your supporting documents in the column below for each standard.



Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
The Integrated Unit Lesson Plans/Format from previous years were erased/lost when my computer crashed. Other teachers had minimal parts of the units on their computers. I went back into the wiki to try and see if I could salvage any of the unit plans. Unfortunately, I have not been able to recover any of the lost ones, as the other copies were on computers from old teachers who are no longer with the district.

9th grade: Genetics Project (3 weeks) and Body Systems Project (3 weeks) and Health Careers (4 weeks)
10th grade: Lab Safety (1 week) and Conversions/Symbols/Medical Abbreviations Unit (5 weeks) and Careers in Chemistry (2 weeks) and Blood Drive (2 weeks)
11th grade: Argumentative/Pro-Con Debate (persuasive speech and essay) on Healthcare Topic (4 weeks), Health Fair (2 weeks), Mock Disaster (4 weeks)
12th grade: Informative Essay (research and essay for details on diseases) (9 weeks), Mock Disaster (4 weeks)

Scheduling (%'s):
9th grade: Medical Skills & Services (48 students) and Biology Honors/Chemistry Honors (45 students)
10th grade: Health Science Anatomy & Physiology (50 students) and Chemistry Honors/Biology Honors (42 students)
11th grade: Health Science Foundations (45 students) and AP Chemistry (9 students) and AP English (12 students) and AP Biology (3 students) and Chemistry Honors (2 students) and English 3 Honors (13 students) and Dual Enrolled (12 students)
12th grade: Allied Healthcare Assisting (36 students) and AP Biology (13 students) and Marine Science Honors (1 student) and English 4 Honors (5 students) and AP English (15 students) and Dual Enrolled (11 students)
Executive Internship: 31% of all Juniors and Seniors participated in the "extra" Health Science course "Executive Internship".

Curriculum In Action:
Health Fair (Kelly Amy attended) November 10th 2016Health Fair 6.jpgHealth Fair 1.jpg
Curriculum In Action:
1. Was planned for December 12th 2016 (Jenkins and Kellett) but noone from the district showed.
2. Mock Disaster April 13th 2017 (various CTE)
Standard 2: Career Focus

Guest Speakers (GS), Community Service (CS), Field Trips FT)

CS-Blood Drives: September 22nd 2016, November 17th 2016, January 19th 2017, March 23rd 2017 (all grades)
FT-College EXPO @ Mainland HS (evening) (10th-12th grade)
CS-Cystic Fibrosis Walk Sundaay October 2nd 2016 (all grades)
CS-Sia Yorker Walk Saturday October 15th 2016 (all grades)
GS-Halifax Health Guest Speaker (David Hall) all day October 20th 2016 (all grades)
CS-Trunk or Treat @ Emmaus Preschool 6-8pm October 22nd 2016 (9th grade)
GS-One Voice Guest Speaker (all day) November 1st 2016 (all grades)
FT-Halifax Hospital Tour November 1st 2016 (all day) (all grades)
GS-TransLife Organ Donation Guest Speaker November 8th 2016 (all grades)
GS-DSC Guest Speaker November 22nd 2016 (10th-12th)
GS-Keiser Guest Speaker November 28th 2016 (all grades)
Standard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee
1st Mtg: 8/23/16 6-7pm
2nd Mtg: 9/14/16 6-8pm
3rd Mtg: 10/25/16 3:30-4:30pm (cancelled)
4th Mtg: 1/23/17 3:30-4:30pm
5th Mtg: 4/3/17 3-4pm
6th Mtg: 5/12/17 8am-10am (Advisory Breakfast)

Business Partner Chairpersons: Deputy Quigley (VCSO) and Bush Swisher (FD) and Emma Santiago (FD) and Kelley Daly (parent)

Standard 5: Enrollment
Start of 16'-17' School Year:
9th grade: 48
10th grade: 50 (8 AP & 7 DE)
11th grade: 45 (12 AP & 12 DE)
12th grade: 36 (15 AP & 11 DE)
Total: 179 students
Standard 6: Pure Schedule

Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration
Planning Periods:
Kellett: 4th-7th
Meadows: 6th
Jenkins: 4th
Faria: 2nd
Gerbes: 4th
Hicks: 5th
Moeller: 3rd

Summer Academy Teacher Planning (24 hours) August 1st-4th 2016
District PLC CTE Mtgs (2 thus far, 1 more to go) September 2016, January 2017, TBD
ERPL (2 hours each) - 8/31/16, 1/11/17, 2/22/17
PLC (1 hour each) - 8/16/16, 8/23/16, 9/6/16, 9/13/16, 10/4/16, 11/1/16, 11/8/16, 11/29/16, 12/6/16, 12/13/16, 1/25/17, 1/31/17, 2/7/17, 2/14/17, 2/28/17, 3/7/17, 3/21/17, 4/4/17, 4/11/17, 4/18/17, 4/25/17, 5/2/17
Standard 8: Staff Development
UF Mini Medical School November 4th 2016 (Kellett, Jenkins, Faria, and Gerbes)
Kellett attended the BUCK Institute Training September 6th-8th 2016 @ Atlantic HS
Health Science Curriculum Mapping (Kellett & Meadows) September 15th & 16th 2016
Professional Development Day (entire team) September 19th 2016 (all day)
Health Science ICE/Mapping (Kellett & Meadows) February 9th-10th 2017
Standard 9: Articulation
Ormond Beach Middle School HOSA Officer Visit (New MS chapter) August 25th 2016 (10th-12th)
Timbercrest Elementary STEM Night October 28th 6-8pm (9th-12th)
Galaxy MS "Career Day" January 6th 2017 (10th-12th)
River Springs Middle School "Health Fair" TBD (10th-12th)
Deltona Lakes Elementary "Heart Health" February (10th-12th)
DSC November 22nd 2016 (speaker) (10th-12th)
Keiser November 28th 2016 (speaker) (all grades)
Halifax Health Associates Meeting December 1st 2016 8-10am (teachers)
Timbercrest Elementary Event December 10th 2016 (9th-12th)
Halifax Health Associates Meeting February 27th 2017 8-10am (teachers)
Standard 10: Workbased Learning
9th grade: Career & Community Volunteerism (suggested at least 25 hours)
10th grade: Career Shadowing (25 hours)
11th grade: Ride Along Program (Deltona Fire Dept) and/or Non-Paid Internship (50 hours)
12th grade: Ride Along Program (Deltona Fire Dept) and/or Non-Paid Internship and/or Executive Internship (75 hours)

Executive Internship (new offerring 16'-17' school year)
Volusia County Fair Educational Tour November 7th 2016
HOSA FLDA November 18th-20th 2016
Construction Career Days January 27th 2017
EMS/Military Day January 27th 2017

Standard 11: Capstone Project
9th grade: Career Project (entire 4th 9 weeks): Personality Profiles/Inventories, Career Research, Creating Career Visual Aids (ppt, display board, brochures, etc), Career Presentations, etc.
10th grade: Body Systems Project (year long): Lectures, Research, Essays/Writing, Creating System Visual Aids, Lesson Planning for Student Teaching, etc.
11th grade: School wide Health Fair, CMAA, Mock Disaster
12th grade: C-PCT, Mock Disaster

Executive Internship (11th/12th grade)
Ride Along's with Deltona Fire Department (11th/12th grade)
Halifax Health Hospice (11th/12th grade)
Florida Ready To Work Credential (Juniors & Seniors)
HOSA Competitive Events (10th-12th graders) Online assessments and hands-on assessments/presentations January 28th 2017
DHS Color Run February 4th 2017 (all grades)
Dancing with the Wolves February 15th 2017 6-8pm (all grades)
HOSA State Comeptition April 6th-9th 2017 (10th-12th)
Mock Crash April 13th 2017 (11th-12th)
Standard 12: Marketing
City of Deltona Fire Department "Logo Design" September 27th 2016
Pancake Breakfast @ Fire Station Saturday September 29th 8am-11am
Volusia County Fair "Educational Display" November 2016
HOSA Week November 7th-11th 2016
Spaghetti Dinner @ Fire Station Wednesday November 16th 2016
Halifax Health Associates Meeting December 1st 2016
District Academy Showcase December 8th 2016
City of Deltona Christmas Parade ecember 17th 2016
Pancake Breakfast January 21st 2017 8am-11am
DHS Showcase January 26th 2017 6-7:30pm
Freshman Registration March-April 2017 (3 nights 5:00-7:30pm)
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