Academy Name: 2013-2014

Academy Director: ALISHA KELLETT

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameAlisha Kellett
Course(s) TaughtMedical Skills & Services (combined classes)
Period Taught2nd, 3rd, 7th
Brandy Meadows
Health Science 1

Health Science 2
2nd, 7th

Emergency Medical Responder 3
Melanie Jenkins
Biology 1 Honors

Norma Faria
Chemistry 1 Honors

Pam Hicks
English 3 Honors

Sheila Cruz
English 4 Honors

Leslie McLean
Tina Plummer
Karina Dalik
Assistant Principal-Data
Office Specialist-Data

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
9th grade:
From Kellett: Difficult to incorporate when I have all my 9th grade academy students mixed in with non-academy 9th-12th graders, who are all at different levels. At the conclusion of the school year, when preparing for Biology Honors EOC, we will tackle the body systems to work cooperatively with Mrs. Jenkins (all students, even non-academy will participate even though it may not make complete sense to them). Will integrate body systems and genetic diseases towards the end of the school year in the Medical Skills class, to help students prepare for the Biology EOC.
From Jenkins: Many of the activities and curriculum regarding cell growth, cancer, and tumors that was from the medical conference at UF were used during our unit on cell reproduction. Human body systems, lots of integration/overlap with your modules and then learning targets covering the brain, cardiovascular system, digestive system, and male/female reproductive system structures/functions. Genetic diseases and inheritance patterns: careers with gene therapy, genetic counseling, etc.

10th grade:
From Meadows: Covered cells, tissues, and reviewed the periodic table of elements for better understanding of the human body.
From Faria: (see attachment) With the weird year we had, I was not able to do much but we did this activity when studying chemical bonds and molecule polarity. Students focused on the drawing of the molecule and identifying if the molecule was polar or not. Students did not present to the class. Hopefully, next year we are able to do so.

11th grade:
From Meadows: Researched various diseases and CMAA information. Researched information pertaining to their body systems projects.
From Hicks: The beginning of the year we discussed the lack of knowledge of the human anatomy/medicine that the Puritans had. Alsp, small pox was referred to in the novel we read, Huckleberry Finn, expressing the fear of the disease at the time due to lack of vaccination. And tetanus and its dangers were referred to in the novel set in the 1920's, Their Eyes Were Watching God; one of the main characters died from it because it wasn't detected early enough, and due to race, he wasn't treated with priority because he was forced to labor in the community after a hurricane.

12th grade:
From Meadows: Researched various information relating to healthcare.
From Cruz:

Curriculum In Action:

Curriculum In Action:

Standard 2: Career Focus
Various Guest Speakers, Field Studies, Leadership Conferences, etc throughout the school year with a variety of careers: Non-Profit Charitable Organizations, Fire Dept, Hospice, Halifax Health, HOSA Competitions, Guest Speakers, College Presenters.

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Standard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee
We have approached the DHS Administration about inviting our Business Partners to the school PTSA and SAC meetings, so that not only can we involve them in our academy, but also school-wide support. An e-mail was sent out on Nov. 21st inviting all academy parents, students, and business partners to the Dec. 10th 2013 PTSA/SAC meetings on our campus.

December 10th 2013 District Health Advisory Council meeting at Deltona-DSC and Deltona High School (9am-12 noon).
March 11th 2014 District Health Advisory Council meeting at OBMS (9am-11am).
Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Pure Schedule

Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration
Completed the June Integrated Curriculum workshops (on independant time at DHS) (Kellett, Meadows, Jenkins, Faria, Cruz, and Lori Wickham-no longer on academy team).
PLC Meeting Time (Oct 31-Nov 1 2013) at UF Mini Medical School (Kellett, Meadows, Jenkins, Faria).
Standard 8: Staff Development
Nov. 1st 2013: A. Kellett, B. Meadows, M. Jenkins, and N. Faria attended the Univeristy of Florida Mini Medical School on "Personalized Medicine". Inservice points documentation was submitted for approval.

Nov. 15th-17th 2013: A. Kellett and B. Meadows attended the FL HOSA Leadership Development Conference where we sat in on a variety of Advisor lesson and units that we can implement into our classrooms.
Aug-May: Madatory District ER-PD Workshops
Standard 9: Articulation
Dec. 12th 2013: District Showcase
Feb. 4th 2014: Deltona HS Showcase
Feb. 12th 2014: Halifax HealthPartnership Meeting
Standard 10: Workbased Learning

Region 12 HOSA Competition (10th-12th grade): January 25th 2014 @ NSBHS (112 competitors, 58 advanced to the State Conference).
State HOSA Competition (10th-12th grade): April 3rd-6th 2014 @ Disney (53 attendees, 25 advanced to National Conference).
Standard 11: Capstone Project

9th Grade (entire 4th 9 weeks): Career Surveys, Profiles, Research, and Project/Presentations
10th Grade (4th 9 weeks): Body Systems Project/Unit
11th Grade (year long): Hospice, Job Shadowing/Internship; CMAA Prep
12th Grade (whole year): Ride Alongs, Hospice, Job Shadowing/Internship, CMAA and NR-EMT Prep

19 SENIOR students earned FL Ready-To-Work recognition (4 GOLD, 13 SILVER, and 2 BRONZE)
19 SENIOR students earned CMAA Industry Certification (on the initial attempt)...4 are re-testing on 6/6/14
JUNIOR students will take their CMAA on 6/6/14.
Standard 12: Marketing

Feb. 4th 2014: Deltona HS Showcase for New and Incoming students.
Deltona HS Health Services Academy & HOSA Facebook Page.
Florida HOSA Region 12 Facebook Page.
School Board Meeting Presentation: April 8th 2014.
Final Evaluation:

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